Banking & Finance

Every financial services company today is trying to become agile enough to survive more than ever dynamic world and fast paced new realities. Technology is leveling the playing field by creating disruptive business models. Financial services companies need new ways to strategically manage change and thrive amidst great uncertainty. Stribon Technologies Banking & Financial solutions enables financial organizations, whether, they are commercial bank, an investment bank or a retail bank, fulfill customer demands while keeping costs in line.

We deliver customized solutions that support the evolving business needs of our world-class clientele. Our consulting services are tightly focused on continuous improvement to ensure that our clients optimize their IT investments. Our custom-built solutions include decision support, profit/loss analysis and portfolio management systems.

Stribon Technologies has designed and developed an easy-to-use solution whose advantages are numerous and gives you absolute control over Clients’ data, loans, savings, accounting and report generation.


  • Customer Relationships – Increase customer retention and deepen customer relationships with world-class CRM solutions that tightly integrate with front and middle office functions.
  • Loan processing/Card servicing – Solutions across the lending value chain for mortgage, automotive, consumer lending and credit processing.
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance - Meet compliance requirements in an ever-changing regulatory landscape.


  • Global online access and services - Customer empowerment and automation efficiency via online portals with information access available 24x7.
  • Insurance and Technology workflows- Billing, claims, FO optimization, Policy Administration, Testing and Underwriting all made easier with workflow automation.
  • Risk Management and Loss Mitigation.


  • Trading and Order Management - Enhance trading capacity and speed by implementing efficiency improvements with minimal risk.
  • Portfolio and Account Management - Flexible portfolio reporting, attribution analysis, reference data management and regulatory and compliance reporting.
  • Assets and Securities Management - Integrate market data and new asset classes seamlessly while maintaining updates to existing classes.
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance - Automate compliance checks to manage operational risk.