Hospitality & Leisure

The hospitality industry relies heavily upon its staff to deliver quality service at all times. With your service reputation on the line, you need hospitality and leisure workforce management software that can help you deliver quality service where it's needed, when it's needed. he hospitality and leisure sector is highly diverse and fragmented, consisting of organisations in gaming, attractions, golf, hotels, spa resorts, restaurants, pubs and clubs, health and fitness and holiday parks to name but a few.

Stribon hospitality productivity solutions provide easy-to-use tools that help you manage your workforce and ensure you're staffed appropriately at all times – across complex shifts and in multiple locations. With our hospitality and leisure management solution's, you gain the functionality and insight you need to schedule even the most complex of work shifts.

Stribon hospitality and leisure management solution's provides the results you need to manage your staff and consistently deliver top-quality service.

Advantage of Stribon hospitality solution's

  • Create complex schedules across multiple locations.
  • Align worker skills with job tasks.
  • Eliminate unnecessary manual processes.
  • Increase productivity.

Over the last few years, growth in consumer spending has strengthened, providing a boost for the hospitality and leisure sector. In parallel to this growth, there has been a sharp increase in both utility and workforce costs, with increases in the minimum wage that have impacted profit margins with this growth in revenue.

With Stribon hospitality productivity solutions, we help you manage your work to meet your service demands.