Discrete Manufacturers today face new challenges such as new market opportunities, global and complex supply chain, and diverse set of user demands related to information flow within and across organizational boundaries. Faced with challenging economic conditions, manufacturers are looking to shorten cycle times across the value chain. Automation of business processes and availability of real-time data from each line of business to employees is central to achieving this outcome.

Products are getting complex, intense competition in the market, and customers wants more choices than ever before. Market demands vary continuously and is unpredictable. Building flexible IT solutions in the areas of CRM, ERP and analytics to improve manufacturing operations and increase your competitiveness is a growing challenge.Raw materials, production resources and delivery schedules are prone to constant change in today's increasingly complex supply chains and manufacturing processes. In this environment, you need real-time visibility across your value chain to better monitor and control your processes in order to get the right products to the right customers at the right time.

Stribon Tech offers a unique, event-driven framework to solving 21st century manufacturing challenges, providing a real-time, event-based information architecture that connects disparate systems, processes and data to allow information to flow across your business and extended ecosystem.

Stribon Offerings for Manufacturing Industry

Over the past decade and a half, Stribon has worked with manufacturing companies, both large and small, and has learnt how to put software applications to effective use to address a wide variety of business challenges. Our offerings include

  • Implementation and support of Warehouse Management applications.
  • Supplier Management to onboard, risk profile and monitor supplier performance.
  • Spend Analyzer to track and manage spend for both direct and indirect materials.
  • Implementation and support of ERP systems from our partners SAP, Microsoft and Oracle.

We identify existing needs and map them into current industry best practices. We demonstrate benefits of solutions using technology components from Trigent's library and other major vendors.