RFID Development

Flow optimization of products and their traceability during manufacture is complex. Technology RFID , which is to mark products, parts and materials with chips whose reading is done remotely by radio frequency, is increasingly present in our industries. Discover in one day the latest developments in the field. During the day you will have a theoretical and practical presentation of the different uses of RFID in the industry.

RFID, which stands for Radio Frequency Identification refers to a radio communication technology that is an automatic data collection solution. RFID systems consist of an RF tag (or a transponder: a radio receiver or transmitter that responds to an external signal by automatically transmitting a signal) and an RF reader/controller.

RFID systems with encoded identification information are attached to objects such as badges, automobiles, goods, and livestock, and their information can be decoded without making physical contact of a radio communication device. RFID systems can automate a number of existing applications in industry as a whole as well as in our daily lives.

Stribon Technologies RFID practice focuses on enterprise connectivity and business needs, not just edge events. As experts in RFID technology as well as the horizontal technologies that power interoperable enterprise solutions, we have designed and implemented enterprise level RFID enabled automotive, supply chain, retail, and warehouse solutions, as well as consumer oriented solutions, such as cashless payment and event ticketing.

Functionality of a RFID Solution

  • Increase sales through greater product visibility.
  • Reduce costs by increasing efficiency.
  • Manage inventory.
  • Reduce out-of-stock and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Protect products from tampering & counterfeiting.
  • Save labour costs.
  • Reduce vendor fraud.
  • Cut invoice deductions and administrative error.
  • Manage product recalls.