Sap Practice

Choosing an ERP package can be quite an expensive affair. For an implementation to create competitive advantage for clients, it is imperative that the consultants are specialized not only in SAP application packages, but are also able to comprehend the unique complexities of clients’ businesses.

SAP practice at Nous is designed in such a way that the services are flexible and in sync with the dynamic market conditions. Given the diverse nature of any SAP suite, we offer customers support right through the solution life cycle.

In the enterprise application world, knowledge is power. When it comes to attaining the expertise you need to maximize your SAP investment, that knowledge is hard to find. That’s why you need the expertise of Stribon Technologies. to get the most out of your SAP applications. We offer the flexibility to select SAP services that best meet your needs. You can opt for end-to-end services across your SAP landscape or specific services that address challenges along the application lifecycle. Whichever you choose, your organization will benefit from our expertise as we apply years of enterprise application experience to optimize your business operations.


  • Using the SAP Solution Manager along the lifecycle of SAP ERP solution leads to faster implementation and more efficient operation .
  • By providing all implementation and upgrade content for commonly used standard processes.
  • Facilitate transparency with up-to-date central project documentation available at any point in time.
  • Provide an application management platform to perform any upgrade or installation of SAP ERP.
  • Significant Reduction of TCO for SAP ERP