Transportation & Logistic

The Logistics & Transportation industry has heavily contributed in globalization and the reverse is equally true. With the growing demands of globalization, all the segments of the Logistics and transportation industry including air transport, motor freight, railroad, water transportation, pipelines, logistics (3PL/4PL) providers or couriers and support services - are pressed for improving the operations and meeting greater customer expectations, improving return on assets, minimizing operating costs and optimizing capacity. Also, more and more manufacturers are adopting the just-in-time inventory management mode which is in turn forcing the freight-transport industry to constantly restructure and meet their demands.

Transportation companies face a number of unique accounting challenges not encountered by firms in other industries. Aside from standard accounting needs, transportation companies have special requirements based off of extensive equipment investments, as well as planning and billing for transportation services. Investing in an integrated accounting software package can provide your transportation company with a necessary tool to help ensure profitable operations in a competitive landscape.

The four Core elements of Logistics are planning, moving, storing, and reporting. Information forms an integral part of Logistics management. The transit information regarding materials or inventory has equal value as the physical goods. Thus, timely and reliable information is required for performing effective, efficient, and economical freight movement. In all, an integrated information system to surpass competition is a must have for a freight logistics enterprise.

Stribon Tech provides the most complete and adaptable Enterprise Applications for Transport & Logistic Management.

  • Booking Operations: Goods Consignment, Automated Freight Rates, Automated Trip sheet, Loading, Route Based Trip sheet Management, Transportation Planning and Execution, Godown Stock Report, Reports and Analysis, Transshipment, Delivery, Tracking, Admin.
  • Transshipment: This is Flexible door-to-door shipment of merchandise including Multiple Transshipment, Unloading, Short/Excess Article.
  • Tracking (Online): To view pertinent information regarding your orders through online Customer Support. Determine exact transit times for all standard service options.
  • General Features: Multiple-Phase Automation, Dash Board.

Our solutions help our clients in the logistics and fleet management industry to adopt new technologies that allow time-specific delivery and electronic tracking of cargo. For example, In-cab mobile computers, transponders and satellites are more and more being used to monitor goods and vehicles efficiently.