As colleges, universities, and other higher education institutions find it increasingly challenging to accomplish their end-results, chief executives face the ever-increasing task of getting more done with less, given their ever-increasing budget constraints.

To address the needs of the modern student community, institutions need to operate more efficiently and leverage IT solutions, which align directly with their business processes. Organizations are now mandated to collaborate more with government agencies, IT partners, and other constituents to achieve highest service levels.

Here are some of the business challenges that higher education organizations face:

  • High cost of application development, enhancements, maintenance, and support.
  • Longer development time contributing to longer time-to-market.
  • Lack of sufficient on-demand technical resource pool.
  • Growing demands from students and higher education constituents.
  • Need for faster turn-around time.
  • Growing competition.

Stribon Education Solutions

Stribon Higher Education services provide a portfolio of products and solutions that are designed to cater to your business needs, whether you represent a community college, university, or not-for-profit organization. Kumaran provides cost-effective, state-of-the-art solutions right from business analysis, design, and custom development, to implementation and integration.

Through our strong business knowledge and proven global application development and delivery methodologies, Stribon will develop an array of custom solutions for you. These solutions will assist you through the different phases of academic lifecycle. For more than a decade, we have been providing business solutions to higher education clients worldwide.